Monday November 23, 2009, Ron Huber of Penobscot Bay Watch ran a 60 foot beach seine net on both sides of the causeway at the Sears Island end. First along the top of the east side of Sears Island - the Stockton Harbor shore - out from where those wooden FOSI steps. Much of the shallow water at low tide was ledgy and not suitable for seining. The first haul was only one silverside and 5 crangon shrimp. Second haul 1 5 spined stickleback and three crangon shrimp. Third haul: 118 silversides.

Then we went over the causeway and seined 4 hauls along the Searsport Harbor side where it meets the island. First haul: 4 crangon shrimp, 3 other shrimp, five silversides and one 3-spine stickleback. Second haul 86 Silversides, one glass fish.. Third haul 4 silversides. Fourth haul: one small white fish, 3 crangon shrimp, three other shrimp.

Steering the net between rocky ledges and , unhooking the net when it got stuck.

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